Treasure chests (or just Chests) are interactable objects that can be found throughout the JJ Nikster series. They contain items that JJ Nikster can use.

JJ NiksterEdit

In JJ Nikster, JJ can find chests throughout New Connecticut. They contain various items that can be used at JJ's disposal.

JJ Nikster 2: Senate of DestructionEdit

Chests make a return in JJ Nikster 2: Senate of Destruction. There are three types of chests:

  • Normal Treasure Chest
  • Double Treasure Chest
  • Mega Treasure Chest

Normal Treasure Chest

This chest type has a total of six items, all of which are collectible. They can be found throughout Washington DC. Each time JJ opens this type of chest, the player will gain 10% of health.

Double Treasure Chest

This type of chest has twice the amount of items a Normal Treasure Chest has (twelve items). There are only two in the game.

Mega Treasure Chest

This chest is the largest of the three. It contains thirty-six items. This type of chest can only be found by successfully winning the Dodge Snowball minigame.

JJ Nikster 3: Eastern OperationEdit

On December 12, 2013, Closed Umbrella Games announced on their website that Treasure Chests will be present in JJ Nikster 3: Eastern Operation. On January 4, 2014, Treasure chests appeared in a teaser trailer by Closed Umbrella Games.



JJ Nikster

  • There are a total of 8 treasure chests in New Connecticut.
  • Each time the player opens a chest, he or she is rewarded 25% of health.
  • Some chests are marked on the minimap with a yellow light.
  • Chests become interactive when the player positions the mouse on that chest.