Official Flag of the Mizarians.

The Mizarians, also known as House of Mizarian or Mizarian Tribe, are an ethnic group of people who are considered to be the only remaining Native Americans in the United States. They only appear in JJ Nikster.

Residing in the New Connecticut village of Mizarian Town, the Mizarians are a helpful ally to many modern-time civilians in both America and Canada, most notably JJ Nikster.


Mizarians have both Mayan and Indian descent and believed in what was going to be the end of the world, which never happened. In early 2013, The US government blamed the Mizarians as they worried all these years because they said the world was going to end in 2012. So, the government punished the Indians by exiling them to Canada.

Two centuries later in 2235, when the Canadian colony, New Connecticut, was annexed, the remaining Indians were, under the order of US senator Jade Ford, allowed to stay in New Connecticut in a piece of land that wasn't yet settled.


  • A banner carrying the Mizarian symbol can be found in the town.
  • Native American-like background music in the Mizarian Town level proves that Mizarians were originally Indians.
  • Because there are Mizarian banners located in the Python temple in Galactic Merchant City, Mizarians may have been involved in the building's history a year before their exile. In memory of them, the government allowed the banners to remain where they were.