Dodge Snowball is a minigame found in JJ Nikster 2: Senate of Destruction.
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Screenshot of the Dodge Snowball arena


The minigame starts with 2 teams. Each team has a captain (in this case, the player is the captain of one team, and the other captain is a Tormentor Abolisher). Both teams start the game off with 1500 points. Each time a player, regardless of what team, is hit by a snowball, that player's team loses 2 points. The first team to reach 0 points loses.


  • The minigame's original name was Natives vs. Colonists, but was changed to Dodge Snowball because of how offensive the name Natives vs. Colonists was.
  • The player can exit the arena at anytime, even during the duration of the minigame. However, doing this will cost him/her the minigame and $100. If the player's money amount is below 100, he/she cannot exit the arena.
  • If the player throws a grenade at an opponent and it destroys him, the level is reset and the player's inventory and money is reset as well.